Test Pressing - NOVA ONE - lovable - LP Vinyl


NOVA ONE - lovable - LP
Community Records Release 100

1 of 5 black test pressing available!

Limited edition pressing
500 peach color vinyl

1. to be kind
2. violet dreams
3. feeling ugly
4. somebody
5. light years
6. close encounter
7. down
8. lovable
9. let's party
10. how it ends

Full length follow up from "secret princess"

lovable credits:
all songs written and arranged by roz raskin
excluding track 6 which was co-written
by justin foster and casey be lisle.

recorded at big nice studio, rhode island, 2019.
produced by bradford krieger,
chaimes parker, and roz raskin.

mixed by bradford krieger and chaimes parker.
mastered by bradford krieger.

Vinyl lacquer by: Carl Saff
Record pressed locally by:
New Orleans Record Press